This wedding was awesome!Chaden & Chadi married on one of the most beautiful Greek islands, achingly stunning Mykonos with a traditional Greek wedding that was stylish, sensual and super fun. And their wedding film captured all the romance, atmosphere and festivity of the setting, the couple, and their magical wedding day. Mykonos, or Myconos, is an extremely fascinating island of the Cyclades. It’s trendy, bustling, charming, has stunning beaches, as well as a sophisticated nightlife. Mykonos is the ideal destination for those who like to dance the night away, frequent highly appealing bars and restaurants, and spend the days at sea listening to music. The town of Mykonos is a typical Cycladic village built like an amphitheater, that has a maze of small and narrow alleys that span throughout it. On top of a hill, just behind the town, one can find the windmills where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the picturesque neighborhood called Little Venice. Chadi & Chaden is a couple from Dubai, who chose this wonderful island to crown their dream of love. The festivities lasted an entire week, and we had fun filming all of these welcome parties. There were so many fun filled days and nights of dancing, barbecues on the beach, and traditional Greek dinners. Chadi & Chaden are a couple with a huge heart, who are very much in love with one another, that are full of energy and desire to have fun. We never filmed a wedding like this,where from the first minute until late at night, (the wedding cake included), everyone danced without stopping. The wedding venue chosen was Elia Beach, located directly on the sandy beach of Elia, Mykonos. Elia Beach is a Cycladic-style structure which offers a beautiful restaurant overlooking the Aegean Sea. The ceremony was Greek Orthodox and was very romantic and exciting, and was celebrated in the church of the Royal Myconian Resort.

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