“I’m from Melbourne, Australia and David’s from Houston, USA so we knew it had to some kind of destination wedding. I fell in love with Venice the first time we went. There’s something magic about the city. I knew I wanted a garden wedding but finding a well-kept, manicured garden on the Grand Canal proved to be rather difficult. In the end, we found the most perfect, intimate setting at the Palazzo Venart right on the Grand Canal. It’s a 15 th Century Venetian Palace that took 2 years to restore to its former glory. They took the original wood and gold-leaf ceilings and personalized every single room. We wanted a really intimate wedding so I really loved that the Palazzo Venart doesn’t feel like a huge hotel, it’s like a beautiful home. We privatized the Palazzo Venart for four days so it could just be our ‘home’ during our special weekend with our nearest and dearest. We chose the restaurant at Venart for our Friday night Rehearsal Dinner. It’s Enrico Bartolini’s GLAM restaurant – which may well be Venice’s best restaurant. It recently just got awarded 1 Michelin star and every dish is just perfection, especially those wafer shrimps – yum! We loved the Cipriani for our reception, the hotel is so rich in culture and the 19 th century space was just a perfect backdrop to create something modern in a piece of history. Venice is so incredibly rich in culture and history, it’s bustling with vibrance and colors of an era gone by so we wanted to add a really modern chic vibe. Kind of like the new meets the old. I worked with Shonel from Nomad Styling in Melbourne, Australia who just has the most impeccable taste. She understood I wanted something with a very “modern Melbourne” vibe and I loved that all of her previous works were always so raw and genuine. It was tough because Shonel actually never got to see the spaces we picked before the actual weekend and had to work really closely with my wedding planner, Venice First to execute the design aspect all the way from Australia.
We flew Shonel from Australia to Venice for the actual wedding weekend. Sometimes I am still in awe of how amazing of a job both my planner and Shonel did because of how logistically difficult it was to plan and execute but every single detail about the wedding was just perfection. I’m so grateful to Venice First and Nomad Styling for making my wedding dreams come true.”

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