What does having a wedding on the Amalfi Coast mean? It means living an event full of colors, flavors, and traditions of southern Italy. There are many foreign couples who come here to celebrate their marriage, in the most beautiful of places on the coast, such as: Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, & Sorrento. It is in these magical places, where you can experience unique emotions; and above all, rare emotions which are conveyed by the light. The marriage of Emma and John was hosted and celebrated in the beautiful setting of Villa Eva. From the morning, the light that illuminated the streets of Ravello was so gorgeeous as to make that place a timeless setting. The first images of the video are immersed in this magical light, which gradually changed during the day, becoming more and more realistic. Upon entering the room where the future bride was getting ready, is where we realized that her gaze was lost beyond the windows of the room. She was immersed in the landscape: the sea, the sky, and the streets. Emotionally, she immediately pointed out that the colors were not common. Although she had visited many other places in the world – on this most important morning for her, this daylight seemed unique. Her request was this: to make sure that through this video, that the emotions that only this light could trasmit would be captured. We hope that we succeeded.

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