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About Us


We are specialized in documenting weddings and events across the globe for a high-end international clientele. That´s why we like to have a familiar and intimate approach to our clients. We always try to understand our clients needs and expectations, treating the venue and people involved with the utmost respect. This is our guarantee of a high standard style for the wedding video. We believe that our main duty is to capture beauty and magic authentically and honestly, while still being professional and discreet on your wedding day, but at the very top of our creativity. With this being our purpose, we cannot accept any kind of request. We need to get to know our couple and their wishes for the wedding day where and how it will be organized. Through images is how we capture a couple’s most important day.


We try to distinguish our glimpse using an original style, in which beauty and emotion graze one another and remain indelible. Emotions that only Italy can offer. Even when the marriage does not take place in the Bel Paese, but rather abroad, we try to export an instantaneous eye, one which is poetic, and one who manages to get excited by the events of others. We convey a Made in Italy style to the audience, one that characterizes itself in the whole world. The emotions of said images are not only transmitted to those who lived through that day, but to whomever admires them, being that they are transformed into endless stories of love. Through light sensitivity, we want to pay back with memories, memento’s that will remain in the memory.This is because there are stories that exist in that light, which are imprinted as sculptures in time.


Made in Italy.